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Richard S. Osborn


33+ years in Public Education
(26 in Jordan District)

Bachelor of Science, U of U
M. Ed Administration, BYU
Admin/Supv Certificate, U of U

1. Why are you running for the school board? With the division and subsequent reorganization, I knew that there would be new opportunities to serve. With my recent retirement from Jordan School District, I feel that I represent a good avenue for information to reach the board from employees and patrons.

2. What do you consider the top three issues facing the west-side remaining Jordan School District? (1) Income and expenditures would obviously be the area of prime concern. (2) How will we handle growth? (3) Identifying goals the future, and going forward to become the district that we envision.

3. What do you see as three opportunities in forming a new district? (1) We can become a closer, more connected family, improving communication with our patrons. (2) We can better control our programs and project development. (3) We can redefine our goals, and outline the steps and programs to achieve them.

4. What is your understanding of the financial condition of the west-side remaining school district? With the current unsettled situation, it would be a bit premature to claim full understanding of the financial situation of either side. There will likely have to be some belt-tightening, at least in the beginning. Whatever the final distribution, we will then plan for our future.

5. Do you see sharing district-wide programs as a viable option? How long are you willing to share them? If the programs are such that they can only be feasible in a shared capacity, I would support them as long as necessary.

6. How would you make sure the district attracts, recruits, trains and retains quality teaching staff? We need to offer opportunities and incentives for additional training and professional development. Basically, we need to convince our staff that we care, that we are concerned about them, and that we truly appreciate their time and efforts.

7. What do you think can be done to enhance working conditions for teachers such as lower class sizes, additional specialists, more support staff? Lower class sizes, more specialists, and more support staff would be nice, but these things nvolve more hiring, along with related expenses. Some flexibility in prioritizing needs will insure that our schools get the best value for every dollar we spend.

8. What is your stand on having to raise taxes to cover costs to maintain the same level of services and cover growth? Raising taxes seems inevitable at some point. What we need to do is determine an overall growth program that will help us anticipate our financial needs and plan for the future.

9. How much time do you have to devote to the duties of a school board member? I anticipate considerable time involvement; luckily, I have a very understanding and supportive wife!

10. What’s it like running with so many candidates seeking the same seats? Actually, I’m encouraged that so many are willing to put forth effort to help our new organization succeed.

11. How do you plan to set yourself apart from the competition? I have experience in public education to help me understand what schools need and the role public schools can fill. I’ve lived in the district for 15+ years, sent my children to Jordan District schools, and worked in Jordan School District for 26 years. I promise to listen and to respond.



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Richard Spencer Osborn

Married, 5 children 

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Welcome Jordan School District Patrons

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Richard Osborn is running for Jordan School District Board of Education, representing Precinct #5. Visit here frequently to see his views on how the School Board can best represent your issues. If you have ideas, please leave comments.